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Kangbao Business School

I. Corporate Spirit
Kangbao spiritual culture: unity, integrity, dedication, hard work, innovation
Kangbao code of conduct: pragmatic, efficient, never stop without reaching the goal
Kangbao image: fashion, classic, excellent
Kangbao values: people-oriented, innovative, attentive to quality, creditable

II. Purpose
Implement the strategy of revitalizing the enterprise through education and training personnel, establish a talent training, learning and growth mechanism, thus providing strong personnel guarantee for the sustainable development and building the core competitiveness of the company; contribute values to the society and enhance the brand influence.

III. Tenet
1. Create a learning-oriented enterprise, deliver talents for the development of the company, and improve management skills and marketing strategies for global distributors.
2. Enhance brand awareness and influence while improving the company's corporate culture, so that more people will understand Kangbao and get familiar with Kangbao.
3. Improve the comprehensive ability of internal staff and the management, to form a wolf-like team with strong combativeness, which can fight battles as soon as they are commanded and win victories whenever they fight.

III. Objective
1. Increase Kangbao Furniture’ popularity among global consumers and dealers
2. Improve staff quality, allow employees to accept the company's values and increase their sense of belonging.
3. Improve the quality of global distributors, and join hands with distributors with targets and ideals
4. Standardized management mode, standardized store management model, achieve replicable terminal marketing management
5. Be a leader and benchmark in the furniture industry

Human Resource